game of life
the game of life is much harder than i ever thought it would be.

they don't teach you how to live in school.

i'm learning, it's a lot of work

still searching for fabulousity...
Morning sweet friends!

I am up doing my do which means nothing. Lets do an update. I have applied to 10 law school so far and have been accepted to none. okay let me rephrase that, I haven't heard back from any schools. I haven't been rejected or accepted. I am going to visit case western on friday. I am excited. I need the midwest back in my heart.

I am going back to school on Sunday for my last semester! let's talk excited, i am thrilled. Once I have a my diploma in hand i will write about my experience.

till later if ever <3

hello lovers
one day i am going to write a book. the book will be about me of course, for i am my favorite person. the book will also go in detail about my life and experiences. the book is planned in my mind but i have no idea what tomorrow will bring. i don't know if tomorrow will come.
with that my friends, goodnight, i'll save a spot for all of you in my book.

prayer is needed
i take the LSAT tomorrow. someone pray for me please

oh lj, i luv you guys. i shall update soon.
i pray all is well!

goodbye motor city
morning loves

i am applying to law school. i need to make a good list now. i know i want to stay in the midwest. ah okay.

last day in michigan today. i am off...

see i'm back!
see i came back!

yup, i am back again. today was a good day. yes, i rate my days now.

oh just saw chelsea clinton's wedding photos! GORGEOUS!


hello my friends
hello my friends of many years. i am back here at home. i have deleted my facebook and stopped tweeting. i am back where i started. i like lj alot. i need to be back here.

my life...
i am in michigan for the rest of summer. i am not working, just relaxing and focusing on the lsat. i am beyond happy to be back. i miss my friends here. midwest people are such hard working people. sometimes in VA i forget where i am from, sadly. i forget i was raised to be a hard worker. thats why trips to michigan are needed. i need to be reminded about MI.

okay, it's my bedtime but i am back so don't worry.

sweet dreams!

need some time
I am staying in Hampton for another year. Some kids need extra time in kindergarten and some people need more time in college. I didn't take any extra time in kindergarten so i am taking time off now. congrats to all my friend who graduated. so happy for each and everyone of you. time to start grad school lol

oh happy day!
good morning friends,

So i just got an offer to go to University of Maryland for my Masters for FREE but i would have to stay at Hampton for another year. ughhh, what to do??! how is everyone else? I will update soon. I have some surprises! lol.

xmas love
There is so much i want to say. I am smiling. That doesn't normally happen over things that are not purses or shoes. There is so much i could say but not yet. I have to give it time. I am 21, I know better. My luvs, i hope finals are going well. Michigan in a week. We shall do lunch and shopping. it will be fabulous...ohh soo fabulous!


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